imetas, a pioneer among developers


Today, we can feel at home on waterfront properties that in former times were the locations of bustling ports, industrial works, power plants or military barracks. It is our profession to remediate such ideally located areas that are often highly polluted from former use and to develop them into new spaces for living and working.


Ground-breaking project development is about people – and their needs


imetas is a well-established and expanding company in the real estate sector. From our Hamburg headquarters we have developed numerous high-quality residential and commercial properties since the company’s founding in 2000, mostly on converted land.


The development of land that is going to be converted is a complex and fascinating task. It entails

  • finding, analysing and securing suitable land for redevelopment
  •  coming up with the right ideas for the future use of “special places”
  • consulting with local authorities about planning regulations
  • drawing up and implementing complex remediation concepts
  • negotiating urban-planning agreements about property development, landscaping and architectural competitions
  • drafting land-use and zoning plans for consultations with local decision makers
  • obtaining building permits
  • developing financing structures and implementing them
  • developing marketing and sales strategie
  • initiating preparatory work and tendering
  • deciding on the demolition or remodeling of existing structures and implementing the decision
  • ensuring ongoing project cost management as well as technical project management
  • managing PR and customer marketing
  • co-ordinating the activities of all the people involved

and much more.


We know that our buildings have a lasting impact on the people that will live and work in them. This is why we are committed to environmental improvements such as soil remediation and to energy-efficient design and construction using renewable energies. The combination of environmental awareness, individuality and exclusiveness is what marks all our projects – imetas stands for lasting value and for buildings that users can identify with. Exclusiveness for us means individuality, not luxury.


On top, imetas offers you professional asset management for safe decision-making at the acquisition stage and throughout the whole investment cycle of your real estate investments. Our core competencies cover the acquisition, due diligence, planning, revitalization and the sale and rental of properties. For the comprehensive management of new projects or the remodeling of existing property imetas can draw on an established network of competent and experienced partners on site.