Top locations - top prospects


Our speciality is project development. So far, imetas has focussed its activities on Northern Germany. This has kept our property portfolio wieldy and prospectively there are still many attractive waterfront properties in this part of Germany waiting for future conversion. Projects planned by imetas usually find their future owners already during the construction phase. By choosing compelling locations we can secure all investments ahead of completion. For the greater part, we market our own projects as we believe that we are the most competent and focussed people for this task. The development of a good address in locations formerly known for storage, trade, production or military use requires visionary but feasible ideas. Time and again we have demonstrated that we are able to come up with such ideas. We know that a new address can mean a certain degree of uncertainty and tension for the future users as the new location has yet to establish itself. People are at the center of our work and acknowledging the human element in our business activities is the best way to gain clients’ trust. This trust allows us to create new spaces for working and living that make customers happy.



An effective pool of partners


Security for our investors and users is the top priority in our project development. For risk mitigation some projects are realized as joint ventures with partner companies. For each project we select choice experts from our pool of partners to achieve the best results possible. We do not just execute projects, we want every venture become a singular success. The d.quai project in the Hamburg HafenCity is a good showcase for what close cooperation between imetas and its partners can achieve.

Even more complex are most remediation projects. They call for competent experts that structure the technical, regulatory, legal, commercial and political issues in a way that these projects can be concluded successfully. In this field particularly, imetas has been able to make its mark.