Fördeterrassen B1–5

On the banks of the Kieler Förde, at the entrance to the North Sea-Baltic Canal, imetas is developing a former barracks of the German army, covering 60,000 m² (196,850 square feet). Nestling on a green slope, owner-occupied houses, public forested areas and roads are now being built. Just 3 1/2 years after its acquisition, 70 % of the area has been sold and partially built upon. A total of 180 housing units is planned.

At the heart of the former barracks is the parade ground and the future site of 90 flats in eight houses to go up by 2010 in two building periods. There will be followed by more buildings. The entire project investment is estimated at 45 Mio. Euro. In selecting this very special location on the water, building to specially conceived blueprints, the use of regenerative energies and integration of a new and contemporary housing project in a well-established area of town. This is what we call exklusivity - uniqueness, not luxury.

Fördeterrassen GmbH                                                                                   Strandstraße 1, 24159 Kiel - Phone: +49 40 - 300 391 80


 Kiel-Holtenau, Strandstraße


 approx. 3,800 m² living space, 45 housing units + 70 underground carpark spaces


 approx. 20 Mio. Euro


 konrath wennemar architekten, Düsseldorf


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